Christopher fraser art gallery

Christopher fraser art gallery

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My paintings are figurative, selected from images that incite an emotional response, or effuse an apparent subliminal understanding that is obvious. The paintings are portraits, of individual self-awareness. My paintings are in an independent style, with broad sweeping brush strokes, intended to capture the individual moment in motion, frozen in time, providing a gateway to emotional contact with the subject. Capturing people in a moment in time gives me insight into their world, the interaction between the painting and myself is a constant dialogue, an intimate creative connection.

Art is similar to a living being, constantly moving in different directions simultaneously, constantly evolving and expanding, splitting, diverging. Art moves forward with time, and sometimes like the evolution of man, undergoes modifications, at times with catastrophic fractures and shifts. Cross roads arise, decisions are made to go left or right, up or down, all in the progression. And as a consequence, the destiny of art is the continuation of the new.

Human knowledge of the world is constantly expanding. To a large extent, particularly today, the expansion is due to the ever-increasing ability to communicate and connect: with cell phones, email, internet, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Each of these forms of communication share their moment in time and will continue to modify, evolve, transform or become obsolete. The image of humanity is available as it never has been available before. The present situation provides an opportunity to look back, and capture the expanse, intricacy, complexity of humanity in painting. Now is an opportunity to capture those images and change art and embrace the new.
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