Keeping a Large Fire Eel as a Very Interesting Pet

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In addition to feeding my fire eel, that I purchased from Wet Spot fish store in Portland Oregon in February new at the length of 5 inches, I wanted to give more information about these incredible fish. They are seldom bred in captivity, but are a common food fish for people. They live in still or slow moving water with silty bottoms and vegetation in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Maylasia, and Indochina. The grow up to 48 inches or 1.2 meters in their natural environment where they can satisfy their voracious predatory appetites when ever they are hungry. The are omnivores in their natural habitat, but in captivity mine only eats meaty food, such as raw shelled shrimp, worms, fish fillets, beef heart, brine shrimp when it was small and blood worms. Mine has always had a huge appetite and I have been hand feeding it for years, which is common for many keepers of this gentle large friendly to people fish. It makes an excellent pet if you can feed it enough and keep in contained in the aquarium, so that it does not escape and die. Its scientific name is mastaoembelus erythrotaenia I think. It is my favorite all time pet fish, because it is friendly to me and to visitors, it eats from my hand, it grew very large, has an interesting shape, color and non combative personality with all other tank mates too large to eat, except other eels. I keep mine in a 50 gallon tank with an undergravel filtration system. I keep my fire eel from injuring himself trying to hide in the gravel by always providing him a tube hiding place so that it can feel secure. Most authorities suggest keeping a single fire eel in much larger tanks than 50 gallon with a fine sand substrate or none at all. I have had what I consider wonderful success with a 50 gallon, completely covered aquarium. These fish are known to be nocturnal and if your outside filtration system leaves any way for these fish to escape looking for food or what ever your eel will die outside the tank. Keep your water quality good and if your eel does injure itself or gets a skin fungus or disease it may recover. I do not know how resistant to disease these fish are, because I do not introduce new fish to any of my established aquariums and my eel has never been ill. These are fantastic fresh water pet fish!
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